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    Prince's Trust Students Shine in Tesco-Sponsored Competition!


    Prince's Trust Students Shine in Tesco-Sponsored Competition!

    We are delighted to announce that several of our talented Prince's Trust students have been awarded gift vouchers from Tesco for their outstanding performance in a recent competition. Sponsored by Tesco, a proud partner of the Prince's Trust, this competition challenged students to design a healthy meal deal and create an eye-catching promotional poster for it. Our students rose to the occasion with creativity, dedication, and a commitment to healthy living.

    The Winning Entries

    The competition aimed to encourage young people to think creatively about nutritious eating. Our winning students designed meal deals that combined health, taste, and appeal. Among the standout entries were:

    • A cajun chicken pasta dish with a side of crisps and a refreshing bottle of fresh orange juice. 
    • A colourful mixed salad with a piece of fresh fruit and delicious fruit smoothie. 

    Each meal was designed with balanced nutrition and environmentally friendly packaging in mind. The promotional posters were equally impressive, featuring vibrant colours, appealing images, and persuasive messages that highlighted the benefits of making healthier food choices.

    Giving Back to the Community

    In a heartwarming gesture, our students have decided to donate a portion of their winnings to the Tesco Community Food Bank. This act of generosity will help provide essential food supplies to those in need, reflecting the core values of the Prince's Trust and our school's emphasis on community service and empathy.

    Voices from Our Winners

    One of the winners shared their excitement: "Participating in this competition was a fantastic experience. It allowed us to combine our knowledge of healthy eating with our creative skills. Winning was amazing, but being able to give back to the community by donating to the Tesco Food Bank made it even more special."

    A Partnership with Impact

    Tesco’s sponsorship of the Prince's Trust has been instrumental in providing our students with opportunities to grow and excel. This competition is just one example of how our partnership with Tesco helps nurture talent and encourage social responsibility.

    Looking Forward

    This accomplishment not only highlights the individual talents of our students but also underscores the supportive and nurturing environment of our school. We are incredibly proud of our Prince's Trust students for their creativity, hard work, and generosity.

    As we celebrate their success, we look forward to more such opportunities where our students can showcase their skills, make a positive impact, and continue to grow as compassionate and responsible individuals.

    Congratulations once again to our Prince's Trust students for their remarkable achievements and their generous contributions to the Tesco Community Food Bank!


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